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[poste] UCSF is hiring postdocs RAs!

De : Hoeft, Fumiko [mailto:Fumiko.Hoeft [ chez ] ucsf.edu]

Dear friends,

Our lab (brainlens.org) is hiring postdocs and RAs to start immediately! Please help spread the word.

In addition to the active postings below, we are also most likely hiring several other postdocs and assessment RAs in the next 2-3 months. Please have them contact us if they may not quite find the right fit below but are generally interested in computational approaches, developmental cognitive neuroscience / neuroimaging in affect or language, ed-neuro, edtech broadly defined. There may be opportunities to work on the east coast as well in the CT area.

The jobs we are currently advertssing for are the following:

1. Neuroimaging Postdoctoral Scholar (for a computational neuroimaging or neurolinguist):

2. Neuroscience Education Research Assistant (to build and run a Brain-Mobile EEG lab in a school):

3. brainLENS Lab Research Assistant (for project management and data analysis):

4. Volunteer Research Assistants:

This information as well as other available part-time/volunteer positions can be found in http://brainlens.org/involvement/employment.

Please direct any questions to brainlens [ chez ] ucsf.edu.

Thank you.

Fumiko Hoeft md phd
a 401 Parnassus Ave, Box 0984-F (Room LP-A320, 3rd Fl), San Francisco, CA 94143 | c +1.650.245.7016 | e fumiko.hoeft [ chez ] ucsf.edu | u profiles.ucsf.edu/fumiko.hoeft | t [ chez ] FumikoHoeft
Professor [ chez ] UCSF Psychiatry Weill Institute for Neurosciences | Deputy Director [ chez ] UCSF Dyslexia Center (dyslexia.ucsf.edu) | Executive Director [ chez ] UC6-Stanford Multiuniversity Precision Learning Center (PrecisionLearningCenter.org) | Director [ chez ] UCSF Hoeft Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience (brainLENS.org) | Co-Director [ chez ] Haskins Global L2 Innovation Hub (haskins.yale.edu) | Adjunct Faculty [ chez ] Keio U Neuropsychiatry (psy.keiomed.jp) | Board [ chez ] International Dyslexia Association (IDA), National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), BADM Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC)


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